So many women feel self-conscious about their breasts; some women feel as though theirs are too big, too small, asymmetrical, or droopy. Even men can experience discomfort with the appearance of large breasts that can create discomfort and embarrassment. Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi perform breast surgeries that include breast lifts, breast augmentations, male and female breast reductions, or breast reconstructions that will result in fashion freedom, physical and emotional relief, and improved self-confidence.

Valley Plastic Surgery Center is excited to begin this journey with you to create the shapely breasts that you have always desired.* Our surgeons work with their patients to decide on the perfect size and shape of breasts for your body. To meet with Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi, contact our office to schedule your complimentary consultation and be on your way to the breasts you have always wanted.

*Results may vary from person to person.