Many women come to us in their 30s and 40s after having children, as their breasts have shrunk and sagged due to pregnancy, genetics or age. We help women feel more attractive, sexy, and more confident with natural looking results. This is part of the so-called mommy makeovers, that are becoming so popular.

Is Breast Enlargement Right For Me?

  • I am self conscious about my small breasts.
  • My breasts sag due to weight loss or age.
  • My breasts have lessened in volume due to pregnancy.
  • My breasts are unevenly shaped.

Results of Breast Enlargement*:

  • Overall more shapely breasts.
  • Uplifted and more graceful contour.
  • Beautifully symmetrical breasts.
  • Gain self esteem and even improve your posture.

Valley Plastic Surgery has been helping People Feel Confident over 20 Years. Think About Yourself for a Change, and call our convenient and caring office today to schedule your free consultation.

*Results may vary from person to person.