Sexy bodyButtock Sculpting goes by several names, including Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Lift, Buttock Lift, Buttock Augmentation and Buttocks Liposuction/Reduction.

Popular pop stars and actresses have started a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The look of a fuller, tighter bottom helps enhance the way you look in clothes, and coupled with a tiny waist, will look very attractive!

Oftentimes coupled with liposuction, buttock sculpting with fat transfers is a great solution. Fat transfer to your butt is more natural looking and the recovery is easier.

Is Buttock Sculpting Right For Me?

  • I have a flatter, square shaped buttock.
  • I have had a loss of curves to the buttock region.
  • My skin is not as elastic around my hip and buttock area.
  • I have had a significant weight loss, and have excess, loose skin on my buttocks and hip areas.
  • I have significant sagging skin to my buttock creases.

Results of Buttock Sculpting:

  • A more hourglass figure.
  • Tighter, toned appearance to the buttocks, lower hips and buttock creases.
  • Improvement of buttocks skin surface irregularities (less dimples and sags).
  • A more lifted buttock appearance.
  • Fuller, more rounded buttocks with a shapely curvature.

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