To rid themselves of the angry, tired expression that has becoming increasingly more apparent, many patients of Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi choose to undergo a brow lift. This refreshes the entire brow and forehead of our West Dundee patients and erases the frown lines that are aging them significantly.* To discuss if this is the appropriate choice to erase your signs of aging, schedule a complimentary consultation with our surgeons today.

How Is A Brow Lift Performed?

Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi perform brow lifts using an innovative, endoscopic technique that begins with small incisions being made behind the hairline. A small instrument with a camera is then inserted, which allows your surgeon to remove the excess skin. The facial muscles and tissue are also lifted and tightened to create a youthful appearance. The entire procedure generally lasts 1 to 2 hours. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, schedule a consultation at our facility.

What To Expect After Your Brow Lift

Depending on the individual, the surgeon may or may not apply bandages to the brow area; regardless it is important to keep the head elevated whenever lying down. Patients’ eyes may swell shut for a short period of time; however, continue using cold compresses to reduce this and reduce discomfort. West Dundee patients should be able to return to normal activity after 2 weeks but still eliminate strenuous activity from their routine. If you have more questions about the recovery process for a brow lift, these can be discussed with Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. Lambruschi.

How Much Does A Brow Lift Cost?

To best assess the cost of your brow lift, it be recommended that you schedule an appointment at our facility because the price can vary depending on the extent of surgery, and if the brow lift is done with a facelift or eyelid surgery. All surgeries and procedures are performed at our surgery center rather than an outside facility. We do this in order to be more cost effective for our patients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and control. Our surgeons are eager to review all of this with you at a complimentary consultation.

Our patients consistently experience a rejuvenated facial appearance after their brow lift, and the dramatic differences can be seen in our before and after photos.*

Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi would like to remind you that your comfort with us is just as important as the entire brow lift procedure. Spend some time discussing questions you may have for our surgeons and learning about their extensive experience before choosing to undergo this important surgery with us.

*Results may vary from person to person.