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Chin surgery is commonly recommended by Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi when patients complain about how disproportionate their chin is to the rest of their face. The chin can be too prominent, too weak, or simply throw of the entire balance of the face. Chin implants allow our surgeons to reshape the chin to create a more balanced appearance.* If you feel as though chin implants could benefit you then schedule a consultation at our West Dundee office to meet with our incredible surgeons

How Is A Chin Surgery Performed?

There are two options with chin surgery, depending on what would enhance the patient’s appearance and correct the flaw that is causing self-consciousness.

  • Chin Augmentations expand the chin by making a small incision under the natural crease of the chin. The surgeon gently stretches the incision by placing a synthetic implant, and the size and shape will be decided between the patient and doctor to achieve optimum results.*
  • Chin Reductions reduce the size of the chin’s projection. Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi are able to sculpt, trim and reposition the bone and tissue to create a smaller appearing chin.*

At the end of the 1 to 3 hour chin surgery, fine sutures will be placed to close the incision. Both types of chin surgery can be discussed with your surgeon at your consultation at our West Dundee office.

What To Expect After Your Chin Surgery

There will be a soft dressing in the initial days following the procedure. In addition, our surgeons urge our patients to stay on a soft food or liquid diet to minimize movement of the chin and jaw. Slight swelling or bruising may occur; however, this should dissipate within 2 to 6 weeks. Normal activity can resume after 10 to 14 days, but strenuous activity should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks. Some chin surgery patients do receive infections after this surgery but an antibiotic and any necessary pain medication will be prescribed if this occurs. To discuss the recovery procedure further, contact Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi at their location.

How Much Does A Chin Surgery Cost?

For patients, the cost of chin surgery varies depending on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve the patient’s cosmetic goal. Also, some patients choose this procedure in conjunction with a facelift, rhinoplasty or other facial procedure. All surgeries and procedures are performed at our surgery center rather than an outside facility. We do this in order to be more cost effective for our patients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and control. The final price can be assessed at a consultation with your surgeon.

This surgery results in amazing transformations for the overall appearance of the face, and you can see the outstanding results of our chin surgeries in the before and after images of our patients.*

Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi would like to remind you that your comfort with us is just as important as the entire chin procedure. Spend some time discussing questions you may have for our surgeons and learning about their extensive experience before choosing to undergo this important surgery with us.

*Results may vary from person to person.