The fatty tissue beneath your skin keeps skin looking smooth and firm; however, over time, the tissue begins to weaken and sag. There are many factors that cause this, which include sun exposure, genetic, facial expressions and age. Many West Dundee patients come to Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi with complaints of sagging facial skin that they long to be refreshed. A facelift is an amazing way to boost the entire face in one procedure.* To consult with our surgeons if a facelift if the right procedure for your needs, schedule your complimentary consultation at our office.

How Is A Facelift Performed?

Our surgeons begin this procedure with making an incision that will carry across the hairline, behind both temples, in front of each ear, around the earlobes, behind the ears, and will end at the scalp on both sides of the head. The skin is then loosened from the tissue so that the excess skin and tissue can be trimmed and tightened. The incision will be closed with tiny sutures upon the completion of the approximately 5-hour procedure.

What To Expect After Your Facelift

A dressing will be applied to the face, and patients may experience slight swelling or bruising. The healing process is gradual; however, our surgeons recommend that the head is elevated as often as possible and heavy-lifting and excessive bending is avoided. The recovery procedure can be discussed further at your consultation at our facility.

What Is The Cost For A Facelift?

For a facelift, the cost may vary depending on the extent of surgery necessary. In addition, some of our patients choose to have liposuction, a chin augmentation or eyelid surgery to enhance the results of the facelift. All surgeries and procedures are performed at our surgery center rather than an outside facility. We do this in order to be more cost effective for our patients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and control. To assess a final price, schedule your complimentary consultation with Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi.

To view the incredible results of the facelifts that have been performed at our facility, check out the before and after photos of our patients.* We are eager to discuss all of the options you have with your own facelift and other possible procedures that could be beneficial to you at your initial consultation with Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi.

Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi would like to remind you that your comfort with us is just as important as the entire facelift procedure. Spend some time discussing questions you may have for our surgeons and learning about their extensive experience before choosing to undergo this important surgery with us.

Valley Plastic Surgery Center serves clients for facelifts from anywhere in Illinois, and the following Chicagoland areas: Arlington Heights, Chicago, Elgin, West Dundee, Buffalo Grove, and Schaumburg.

*Results may vary from person to person.