If you desire plump, full lips and are tired of thin lips that are undesirable and aging, then consider a lip augmentation. The patients of Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi love the results of their lip augmentations, and it is even an amazing solution to fine lines that surround your mouth.* If you are interested in learning more about lip augmentations then setup a consultation with our surgeons at our facility.

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-Mary W.*

What Types of Lip Augmentations are Available?

Patients of Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi have some options when it comes to lip augmentation, and we recommend that you spend a few minutes reading about what is available:

  • Juvederm is an injectable gel that gives you volume while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles, and our patients usually experience the results for a year.
  • Radiesse is a dermal filler that stimulates the natural production of collagen in your body. Results typically last up to a year.
  • Fat is also an option as it can be taken from the abdomen or buttocks to create full, plump lips.

Injections can add volume and stimulate natural collagen production to create luscious lips.

Implants are also an option, and this involves making an incision in the mouth or on the outer border so that a solid material can be placed to create more voluminous pout.

Local Flap Grafting is also an option for our patients where skin and tissue from the mouth is moved into the lips, and this procedure is considered more invasive but with mostly permanent results of plump lips.

All of these options should be discussed with your surgeon at your complimentary consultation. This will allow you to fully understand both the advantages and disadvantages of these lip augmentation methods. Contact our office today to setup an appointment with Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi to be on your way to full, pouty lips.*

How Much does a Lip Augmentation Cost?

The cost of your lip augmentation will depend on the method chosen and the extent of work necessary to achieve your cosmetic goal. All surgeries and procedures are performed at our surgery center rather than an outside facility. We do this in order to be more cost effective for our patients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and control. At your initial consultation in our office, our surgeons can assess a price based on your desired outcome.

The results of our lip augmentations leave patients feeling fabulous about their enhanced pout. Take a minute to look through the before and after images of our patients to see the amazing work our surgeons deliver.*

Drs. Rosenberg and Lambruschi would like to remind you that your comfort with us is just as important as the entire lip augmentation. Spend some time discussing questions you may have for our surgeons and learning about their extensive experience before choosing to undergo this important surgery with us.

*Results may vary from person to person.