To remove the excessive skin and fat of the abdominal wall and to gain exposure to the muscles of the abdominal wall an extensive incision must be made from hip bone to hip bone running just above the pubic hair. This incision, by the nature of the skin in the area, may become a cosmetically unattractive scar, which will be easily visible when nude and may extend beyond the areas covered by swimsuits or revealing clothing. There will be significant swelling of the abdominal wall postoperatively which may last up to three months, the skin of the abdominal wall will be totally numb from the mid-waist to the incision and permanent loss of sensation may occur above the incision line. Delayed healing or actual skin loss may occur along the incision line and between the navel and pubic mound contributing further to a potentially unattractive scar or even requiring further surgery or skin grafting to close or revise a scar.