There are, of course, permanent scars as a result of this surgery. Every effort will be made to conceal or to make them as inconspicuous as possible. However, is some cases, significant thickening of scars can occur which are cosmetically disforming and are uncomfortable. There may be discoloration and swelling in the breast area which can persist for several months and this is a normal postoperative occurrence. There may be blistering, crusting, or loss of skin secondary to the mastopexy which can occur especially in patients who are smokers, scars or changes in skin coloration may occur. There may be significant changes to sensation of the nipple depending on the extent of the breast lift and the changes maybe temporary or they could they could potentially become permanent with complete loss of sensation to the nipple areola complex. It must be realized that in any procedure performed involving bilateral sides a discrepancy in shape, symmetry, or size may result which could be cosmetically unattractive.