There are, of course, permanent scars as a result of this surgery. Every effort will be made to conceal or to make them as inconspicuous as possible. There may be discoloration and swelling in the face which can persist for several weeks or longer. There may be blistering, crusting, or loss of skin with delayed healing in areas where the skin has been undercut and pulled tightly. There may be scattered areas of numbness over the face, neck, and ears following the surgery which may persist for an indefinite period of time. At times, fluid or blood may accumulate in the operative sites which may require aspiration, drainage, or removal by surgery. Although rare, nerve damage can occur which might cause a varying amount of facial weakness or paralysis. Loss of hair near the area of the surgery may occur and can be temporary or permanent. As in all surgery, complications such as infection or bleeding can occur and require appropriate treatment including possible further surgery. Any procedure involving surgeries on both sides may result in discrepancies in symmetry.