Immediately following your tummy tuck, you will have a binder wrapped around your waist. To maximize your cosmetic result, you will be required to wear this binder for a period of four weeks day and night, and then during the day for another 4 weeks. Pain will be minimal as you will have a Marcaine Infusion Pump in place. A Marcaine infusion pump is a pain control accessory which is two small catheters placed into the abdominal wound and attached to a bulb filled with anesthetic. This will slowly leak anesthetic into the cavity, controlling your pain. It is important to still take it easy, as the “pain pump” can give a false sense of security, causing you to move around too much. All dressings should be left in place until your return one to two days after surgery. At which time, Dr. Lambruschi and his staff will be changing your dressings for you. Bathing is not an option until the drains are removed.