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Also referred to as a “breast lift,” a mastopexy brings the breasts back up to a more youthful, natural position. The procedure may be performed with augmentation (if further volume is desired). Recovery is usually 1-2 weeks.


  • More Youthful
  • Natural Position

  • More Volume

What are the risks to breast surgery?2019-11-11T20:20:02-05:00

There are, of course, permanent scars as a result of this surgery. Every effort will be made to conceal or to make them as inconspicuous as possible. However, is some cases, significant thickening of scars can occur which are cosmetically disforming and are uncomfortable. There may be discoloration and swelling in the breast area which can persist for several months and this is a normal postoperative occurrence. There may be blistering, crusting, or loss of skin secondary to the mastopexy which can occur especially in patients who are smokers, scars or changes in skin coloration may occur. There may be significant changes to sensation of the nipple depending on the extent of the breast lift and the changes maybe temporary or they could they could potentially become permanent with complete loss of sensation to the nipple areola complex. It must be realized that in any procedure performed involving bilateral sides a discrepancy in shape, symmetry, or size may result which could be cosmetically unattractive.

Will I have pain following a breast lift and if so, how will it be managed?2019-11-11T20:19:30-05:00

Pain in a breast lift is minimal, unless a breast implant was placed to enhance breast size. In this case, pressure on the chest is felt. Prescriptions for pain medications will be given to you at your preoperative appointment. Have these filled and available. Take as directed and should you have any additional medications not used, bring them in so that we may dispose of them appropriately.

What are drains and why are they used in a breast lift procedure?2019-11-11T20:19:04-05:00

Drains are sometimes used to remove excess blood from the surgical areas. If breast tissue was removed or an excessive amount of bleeding was noted, you may have drains following your breast lift. You will be given care instructions after surgery and they are usually removed at the first appointment postop.

What can I expect immediately following breast lift surgery?2019-11-11T20:18:22-05:00

Immediately following surgery, you will have a surgical bra, bandages, and an ace wrap tightly placed around your chest. If implants were placed, you can expect more soreness than if not. Vigorous use of yours arms during the first three days is discouraged and you will find that your comfort level will best be achieved by keeping your elbows down at your side. Avoid attempts at washing your hair in the first day or two as this will aggravate and produce unnecessary arm motion. You will be seen two days postop at which time we will remove and change your dressings.

Can I drive myself home following a breast lift?2019-11-11T20:17:59-05:00

No, you may not drive for a 24-hour period following sedation of any kind. You will need a responsible friend or family member to take you home and care for you for at least the first 24 hours following surgery. For your safety, we cannot permit you to leave in an Uber or a taxi.

How long is the recovery from a breast lift?2019-11-11T20:17:38-05:00

You can expect a one-week recovery time.

Who will be present during my breast lift procedure?2019-11-11T20:17:18-05:00

There is a circulating nurse who will greet you, perform preoperative assessment, and prepare you for the day. You will then meet with your Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who will start your IV and answer any questions regarding pain management and sedation. Dr. Lambruschi will then answer any questions and draw some markings on your chest so you will know exactly where your incisions will be. You are then taken to the operating room where Dr. Lambruschi will be present, two surgical nurses, and the anesthetist. Your main OR nurse who greeted you in the morning will be present the entire time and will be with you for recovery as well. You will get to know her-she is your surgical buddy!

Where is a breast lift procedure performed?2019-11-11T20:16:53-05:00

Cosmetic procedures such as this are performed in our office surgical suite. We have a separate preoperative area, full anesthesia capabilities in our main operating room, and comfortable post-anesthesia care unit with private bathroom facilities.

How long does a breast lift take?2019-11-11T20:16:34-05:00

As Dr. Lambruschi would say, “I could rush…” but seriously, the length of the procedure depends on many variables, but usually takes all morning. You can typically expect a 2-3hour surgical time, with a two-hour recovery time. You will arrive at 6:45 am and can be expected back home about 12 pm.

What type of anesthesia is used in a breast lift?2019-11-11T20:16:07-05:00

Type of anesthesia depends on whether or not a breast implant will also be placed. For a breast lift only, IV sedation can be performed. However, general anesthesia is required for implant placement and is provided by a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. Having anesthesia personal present ensures your safety and comfort throughout the procedure. The cost for this is included in your surgical fees.

What kind of lab work will I need for a breast lift?2019-11-11T20:15:49-05:00

Lab work requirements are based on age and health history of the patient. A healthy patient under the age of 40 requires a CBC, PT/PTT and a pregnancy test. These labs can be performed here in our office for a very small fee. Patients between the ages of 40-50 require a CBC, PT/PTT, CMP and an EKG. Again, blood work can be performed by our office, but an EKG will need to be done elsewhere which we can arrange for you at either your physician’s office or at Advocate Sherman Hospital. Patients older than 50 also require a chest X-ray, which again will be arranged for you.

What are the benefits of a breast lift procedure?2019-11-11T20:15:28-05:00

Also referred to as a “mastopexy,” a breast lift brings the breasts back to a more youthful, natural position. This procedure may be performed with augmentation to add volume or size to the breasts.

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“Have you have ever asked yourself ‘Should I or should I not… or I wish I could…’? If you want to improve what you have in a natural-looking way to feel better about yourself and gain more confidence, then Valley Plastic Surgery Center (VPSC) is the place to go.”
– Debbie K.

“Have you have ever asked yourself ‘Should I or should I not… or I wish I could…’? If you want to improve what you have in a natural-looking way to feel better about yourself and gain more confidence, then Valley Plastic Surgery Center (VPSC) is the place to go.”
– Debbie K.

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