Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction2019-11-29T14:56:30-05:00

Insurance May Cover It!

A breast reduction is the removal of unwanted breast tissue. Back and shoulder pain, painful rashes, and breakdown under the breasts are alleviated with the removal of heavy, saggy breast tissue. See our list of insurance companies accepted by Valley Plastic Surgery Center, it may be covered by insurance!

  • Reduce Back Pain

  • Reduce Shoulder Pain

  • Alleviate Saggy Tissue
What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:38:10-05:00

There are always permanent scars following this procedure. These scars are normally quite conspicuous early after surgery and are visible for an indefinite period of time. Delayed healing and drainage may occur along the margins of the incisions. The breasts may not be exactly the same size or shape. Every attempt will be made to position the nipples evenly; however, it is not always possible to make them exactly even. No guarantee as to size, shape or brassiere size has been made. Sensation in the nipple or other parts of the breasts can be altered temporarily or permanently lost in some cases.

Will I be able to breast feed following breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:37:47-05:00

No, unfortunately, you will lose the ability to breastfeed.

Is breast reduction surgery painful?2019-11-29T14:35:47-05:00

Breast reduction is actually not as painful as one would expect. Removal of the weight of the breasts can be so liberating, our breast reduction patients always seem to have an easy recovery. However, some discomfort is always expected following surgery. Prescriptions for pain medications are given at your preoperative consultation one to two weeks prior to the surgery. Will be given pain medications for mild, moderate, and severe pain as well as for an antibiotic to prevent infection. Kindly bring your unused medications back to our office as we can dispose of them properly. Never flush unused medications down the toilet.

Will I be able to drive home following breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:35:30-05:00

No, it is not permitted to drive for 24 hours following any form of anesthesia. The hospital will also require your driver to be a responsible adult, capable of staying at the hospital during the course of your visit.

What is the recovery time needed for breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:35:18-05:00

You should expect at least a one week time off work, unless you have a physically active profession. Heavy lifting and bouncing activities are prohibited for 6-8 weeks following the procedure.

What can I expect from recovery for breast reduction?2019-11-29T14:34:59-05:00

Immediately following surgery you will be wrapped with a surgical bra and ace wrap. You will also have drains. Care and instruction on drains will be given to you at the hospital. It is important to chart the fluid amounts of each breast drain as this will determine when they are removed. Sutures will be removed progressively starting at seven to ten days. By two weeks following the procedure, all sutures should be removed.

Where is breast reduction surgery performed?2019-11-29T14:34:43-05:00

Dr. Lambruschi performs his breast reduction surgery at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital following breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:34:25-05:00

As long as no anesthesia complications arise, your stay in the hospital will be minimal and is considered “day surgery” meaning you will be discharged that day.

What type of anesthesia is required for breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:34:07-05:00

General endotracheal anesthesia is required for this type of procedure. It will be performed by an anesthesiologist at the hospital.

Is breast reduction surgery covered by insurance?2019-11-29T14:33:37-05:00

While coverage depends on each case and insurance company, the answer is yes! Most breast reduction procedures are covered by insurance. A letter will be written on your behalf requesting pre-authorization and based on their response, you surgical will be scheduled.

What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:33:15-05:00

Breast reduction surgery alleviates the symptoms of having heavy, sagging breasts. Back and shoulder pain, painful rashes and breakdown under the breasts are all improved with this procedure.

What is breast reduction surgery?2019-11-29T14:28:38-05:00

A breast reduction is the removal of unwanted breast tissue.

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“…at Valley Plastic Surgery I felt like a VIP! I have & will continue to refer people to Valley Plastic Surgery! LOVED DR LAMBRUSHI!!!”
– Amber P.

“…at Valley Plastic Surgery I felt like a VIP! I have & will continue to refer people to Valley Plastic Surgery! LOVED DR LAMBRUSHI!!!”
– Amber P.

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