Thigh Lift

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Lateral or Medial Thigh Lift

Performed to achieve a more toned appearance to thighs, excess skin and fat is removed from either the medial or lateral thighs, or both. Recovery 2-3 weeks depending on the severity or the procedure.


  • Increase Tone

  • Remove Fat

  • Decrease Excess Skin

What are the risks to thigh lift procedures?2019-11-29T14:41:18-05:00

Risks of thigh lift include; skin discoloration and swelling, skin sensitivity, fat necrosis, damage to deeper structures, pubic distortion, scarring, delayed healing, asymmetry, seroma or fluid accumulation, bleeding which may necessitate a return to the operating room, infection, and asymmetry.

Is there pain following thigh lift surgery?2019-11-29T14:40:59-05:00

Generally yes, there is pain associated with thigh lift surgery. You will be given prescriptions for pain medications at your preoperative appointment. Make sure you have them filled and ready for your return from surgery. The medications will be for mild, moderate, and severe pain as well as an antibiotic for prevention of infection. Should you not use all these medications, please bring them in to our office so that we may dispose of them properly. Never flush unused medications down the toilet.

What type of anesthesia is required for thigh lift surgery?2019-11-29T14:40:41-05:00

General endotracheal anesthesia is required for this procedure. A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) performs the anesthesia. He/she will phone you the night before your surgery to introduce themselves and to speak to you about your health and anesthesia history. He/she will then meet with you the morning of surgery to answer any other questions you will have.

How long is a thigh lift procedure?2019-11-29T14:40:24-05:00

A thigh lift procedure generally takes all morning. You will arrive at 6:45 in the morning and can plan on leaving that day around 1-2pm depending on how much time you will need in recovery following the procedure. The surgery itself takes about 2-3 hours.

Where is the thigh lift performed?2019-11-29T14:40:04-05:00

The procedure is performed in our office based surgical center here at Valley Plastic Surgery Center. You will find the atmosphere very private, clean, and comfortable. Every effort has been made to make your surgical experience here at Valley Plastic the very best.

Will drains be required for thigh lift procedure?2019-11-29T14:39:46-05:00

Most likely you will have drains following the procedure. You will be given instructions on care of these drains and will not be able to shower until they are removed. The drains will be removed when the output is minimal. You will be asked to chart the amount of fluid.

What is the recovery time for a thigh lift procedure?2019-11-29T14:39:10-05:00

Recovery can be anywhere from two to three weeks depending on the severity of the procedure.

What is a thigh lift?2019-11-29T14:38:44-05:00

I thigh lift is performed to achieve a more toned appearance to the thighs. This is accomplished by removing excess skin and fat from either the inner (medial) thighs or outer (lateral) thighs, or both. Many times, this procedure is done for patients following extreme weight losses.

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“As a patient and a licensed medical professional, I am glad I made the VPSC choice. I am extremely pleased with the results and I highly recommend this surgical center.”
– Debbie K.

“As a patient and a licensed medical professional, I am glad I made the VPSC choice. I am extremely pleased with the results and I highly recommend this surgical center.”
– Debbie K.

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